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Apple iPhone Repair

Has a broken screen shattered your phone experience? Time to upgrade to a faster, more convenient model?

You want a smoothly working cell phone, right? That’s exactly why we provide top-of-the-line services on all Apple iPhone models. If you’re looking for iPhone repair in Augusta GA, we’ve got you covered. We’ve repaired hundreds of Apple iPhone models: The iPhone 5, iPhone 6,  iPhone 7 & more. Restore your phone back to its full technological capability today!

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Android cell phones

Want to make sure your phone repair in Augusta GA is done correctly? Have no fear…We’ve fixed & refurbished hundreds of phones such as LG, Samsung; you name it!

We implement premium repair services into fixing any problems you may have with any Android device. Ranging from cell phone models such as the LG, Samsung, Windows and others. Even Android-powered tablets, watches and other gadgets. If you’re looking for phone repair in Augusta GA; smile, you’ve found your destination.

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Apple iPad & Android Tablet Repairs

Is your Apple iPad not working? Maybe your tablet isn’t working? Enjoy the fresh-out-of-the-box feeling again by letting us take care of it.

Are you looking for iPad repair in Augusta GA? We’re specialists in the fine arts of iPad and tablet repairs. With a stockpile of replacement handy, we’re here to fix your faulty electronics. We’ll implement our first-class repair services and have your iPad or tablet working like a charm in no time.


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Water Damage Diagnostic & Repairs

Did your phone get a splash or full dive into water? It’s almost unavoidable at times. If your cell phone or tablet started acting strange, we’d perform a water damage diagnostic. We’ve put in place a variety of measures both technologically and manually to repair your iPhone, Android and other devices which may have water damage.

Charging Port & Power Jack Repairs

Is your phone not charging? Maybe the charging cord doesn’t stay in place? Do you have to wiggle it a bit and get it just right before it begins to charge? This is no new issue, and usually familiar with many cell phones. This may be a simple 1-2-3 replacement for us. Have our pros take a look. We’re here to provide you with quick, efficient, & affordable repairs.

Cracked iPhone, Android and Tablet Screen Repair & Replacement

Here at My Wireless Cell Phone Repair Augusta GA, we’re the CSRA’s authority in the repair of broken phone screens. As well as broken tablet/iPad & any other touch screen devices. We’ll have your phone looking, feeling & working like it was fresh out of the box!

Audio & Microphone Repairs

Is your speakerphone acting strange? Maybe people are having trouble hearing you? All audio parts of a cell phone are crucial to its use, and we’re vital to their repair. This is one of the many issues many phone companies are afraid of, but here at My Wireless GA, our highly skilled phone technicians can repair & fix any of these phone problems like it’s their job…oh wait…

Augusta Internet

Verizon Prepaid in Augusta GA
Verizon is one of the biggest companies in the country for phone service. It’s arguably the best service provider in Augusta, GA. That’s why My Wireless Cell Phone Repair Augusta offers Verizon Prepaid. When you want to get a brand new phone, Verizon is probably amongst your top choices because of reliability, trustworthiness, and affordability. This brand has made a name for itself as a top competitor, offering excellent service to people all over the United States. People who take advantage of Verizon’s benefits has long been difficult for low-income individuals or individuals who cannot, or do not wish to, sign contracts. Verizon has an alternative for these people – Verizon Prepaid. Get everything you love about Verizon, without any of the contracts or costs of the regular service.

Verizon Services in Augusta GA
Verizon reaches people all over the globe, with exceptional services across the country. People choose Verizon because they know they are getting something they can trust and that will work when they need it. Whatever phone they wish and wherever they live, they know Verizon is there for them. For people who do not want to sign on to a contract or cannot afford them, though, that quality and trust is not easy to get. Thankfully, Verizon’s prepaid service gives those individuals everything they want out of Verizon without any of the costs or contracts.

Read more on Verizon Prepaid…

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Sprint Unlock

When you tire of your Sprint service, you want an out. Sadly, for too many, that out may require changing phones, too. Phones are typically carrier locked, which means that they cannot change between carriers. Your phone that you had had for a year or longer, that you love and that has all of your data, may not transfer to another carrier as is. All is not lost, though. My Wireless GA is here to ensure that you can use your same device and carry it over to another service provider, by providing our premium phone unlock services in Augusta, GA. Unlocking Sprint phones, including Sprint iPhones helps you to keep your phone when you choose to switch carriers when done correctly.

Unlocked and Locked Phones
Most phones come carrier locked. Carrier locked phones cannot switch between carriers, which means you cannot take your Sprint phone over to Verizon. For anyone who wants to switch carriers, this is a headache. You want to keep your phone, but not the Sprint service – and that is possible. However, to do this, you will have first to unlock your phone. Bringing in your device and having our Sprint Phone Unlocking professionals in Augusta can grant you access to nearly any service carrier.

Unlocked phones remove that carrier lock, allowing you to transfer between services at will. Not all phones will work, and not all service carriers will work with this. It depends entirely on the phone and carrier that you have.

iPhone Repair

Despite their price tag, these phones aren’t meant to last forever. If you run into a software bug or crack your screen, relax and trust the professional iPhone technicians of My Wireless!

iPhone Screen Replacement

There are few feelings worse than the moment you realize that you’ve broken your screen. Whether you’ve dropped your phone or smashed it against the keys in your pocket, it’s frustrating when you see the aftermath. Luckily, replacing a screen these days is simple. We can remove your cracked screen and replace it with a new one the same day.

iPhone Battery Replacement

Apple is notorious for creating products with batteries that die out after a couple of years. Even if your device is in perfect condition, you’ll still notice that your battery is dying faster and faster as the years progress. While you can carry around a charger or power bank with you everywhere that you go, it gets annoying after a while. Don’t bother buying a whole new phone if you can avoid it! Bring your phone to our shop, and we can replace your battery with one that works like new.

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iPhone Glitches

Although iPhones are generally well-made products, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t without their flaws. From time to time, some iPhone users will experience technical glitches on their phone, such as the sound not playing,  apps not opening, or powering off suddenly. While iPhones may have wide-ranging problems, we can fix the most common issues! You don’t need to call Apple for expensive trade-ins! Trust us at My Wireless!

iPhone Connectivity

As one of the more frustrating problems, iPhones can often fail to pick up a WiFi signal. Since so much of our experience with iPhones involves using the web, you’ll probably want that fixed immediately! This problem is usually in the firmware or the operating system, and we would be more than happy to apply a fix for you!

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  • Help! My iPhone Buttons aren't working!

    Over time, dust and grime tend to build up in the iPhone. No matter how careful you are with your device, you just can’t keep it completely clean. When too much dust builds up, your buttons will get stuck or stop working entirely. You can easily get frustrated being unable to lock your phone or adjust the volume. No matter what button or switch isn’t functioning, we can get your phone working right again in no time.

    No matter what type of issues you’re having with your iPhone, our experienced technicians would be more than happy to help you with your problem. With our years of experience, we have worked on all of the most common iPhone repairs. Come down to My Wireless Cell Phone Repair Augusta today to see how we can help you!

  • Where should I get my phone repaired?

    Are you looking for cell phone repair in Augusta GA? Maybe you’re searching for a phone company who can professionally repair your damaged device? This could be like “searching for the fountain of youth.” There are too many phone stores and businesses that claim to offer phone repair services to clients, but very few of them deliver professional and client-satisfied phone services. We take pride in being the #1 for cell phone repair in Augusta GA. When looking for a phone repair service, either for your iPhone, Android, Windows phone or any others, we’re the most trusted providers of repair services. At some point, every device eventually experiences hardware problems, screen problems, battery problems and touch screen issues just to name a few. These are complicated devices built with fragile components such as the LCD, volume buttons, power jack, audio jack, microphone and others that all have their expiration date. Many times there are software problems or upgrade issues – we have you covered there as well. If your phone is factory locked, we have the best phone unlock service. Licensed professionals like us should always fix These issues. We have technicians who’ve mastered a variety of specialties and can proficiently repair cell phones for anyone. Did we mention that we provide an excellent warranty service for your fixed mobile phone at no extra cost? Plus, we provide you with two convenient locations – one on Davis Rd. and one on Deans Bridge Rd.

  • Why come to My Wireless Cell Phone Repair Augusta?

    We’re the most professional cell phone repair company in Augusta GA, and we’re not just limited to phone repair services. Bring in any electronic device; we’re always eager to help! We also engage in general maintenance of phones and tablets, providing fun phone accessories and quick services such as phone cover replacement, battery replacement and screen replacement among other things. If you don’t see a service you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to ask! We’re always happy to talk, and there are never any “dumb” questions. If we can help you repair something simple over the phone, we will – at no charge. Along with our quality of work, we always provide a warranty to any phone that is fixed by us at no extra cost, ensuring you that you’ll be more than satisfied with our quality of work and service. We don’t hit you with any hidden fees. We believe in honesty and integrity. This is how we’ve grown to become the top cell phone repair company in the CSRA. We strive to continually provide quality phone repair services to you, your family and the CSRA community.

  • We are locally owned and operated in Augusta, with two convenient locations

    My Wireless Ga is a company in two lively and vigorous locations in Augusta Georgia – on Davis Rd. Right off of Washington Rd, and on Deans Bridge Rd. Right off of Interstate 520, Exit 5A/B. We understand the importance of having highly skilled technicians who can provide exceptional phone repair services. Anything from cracked iPhone screens, touch screen replacement, LCD repairs and replacement, cover replacements, battery replacements, and button replacements. Sometimes the home button, mute button, volume buttons, and power button act up but worry not as we have the correct knowledge and tools to fix them. We’re also proficient in the fixing and replacement of power jacks, audio jacks, microphones, front and back cameras, and charging ports. If you dropped your phone in any liquid, we perform a proficient water damage diagnostic and let you know what we should do before doing any repairs or replacements of parts. We are well known to our community in providing excellent cell phone repair services, as our five-star reviews and many testimonials from hundreds of clients who’ve experienced our first-class services. We strive always to provide satisfactory service coupled with different specializations. Our highly skilled technicians have fixed hundreds of hardware problems, software troubleshooting, and general phone maintenance issues and are ready to tackle any project you may have.

  • What types of phones and tablets do you fix?

    We fix a vast majority of cool gadgets. Cell phones, tablets, and smart devices in all different shapes and sizes. We can fix almost any technology and model you could ever imagine. An exceptional beauty of these awesome gadgets is that they run on various mobile operating systems (OS), ranging from the iPhone operating system (IOS) to the Android operating system (AOS), to Windows operating systems, to the web operating system, just to note a few. These various operating systems help to bring out the uniqueness and quality of electronics which assist the user in navigating and customizing as developed by the manufacturing company. Cell phones can be durable and very efficient in performing multiple tasks at a time, but this is dependent on the product and manufacturers. However durable these devices may be, they are not exempt from the law of “wear and tear” or destructibility like any other gadget or electronic device. That is to say, after a long term usage, they will inevitably become worn out or damaged. Most certainly, after the purchase of a new cell phone, it could just be a few weeks before it starts developing any faults or problems that could be attributed either from the cell user or the high-end developers. To prevent anything from happening to your phone, we provide an extensive range of cell phone cases and tablet cases to protect them from harm such as falls and water damage. We’ve also got a ton of really cool designs to make your device look especially attractive.

  • What about my service provider or phone manufacturer?

    Have you bought into your service providers cell phone or tablet “warranties”? There’s something they always fail to mention. First, they charge you an extra $20-$40/month for this “warranty.” Then, once you need to send it in for repairs, there’s usually a $150 charge. Not only that, you have to deal with shipping and the wait that comes along with it. This could take anywhere from 7 days to 6-8 weeks (Yes, we hear about this happening all the time). Service providers such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular and more are excellent companies for providing your actual phone service in regards to reception – but not in regards to device component maintenance, repairs, and replacements. These companies are vital in enabling us to communicate; even we use them. But when it comes to maintenance and repairs, My wireless Ga is your professional repair company. We will not only charge you much less than phone “warranties” these providers offer, saving you hundreds of dollars; but we also provide you with lightning fast repairs – so that you can have your device back the same day. No more dealing with shipping, waiting, impossible to get ahold of companies, unsureness for days if you’ll hear back with a response and if it will even be a good one. With the inexhaustible reasons above, it is highly recommended to use the services our company is here to provide you with – if you like to save time and money that is.

  • Can you fix my phones software issues?

    Yes, we are proficient with hardware repair, with over ten years of expertise in software services. My Wireless Ga can repair a large degree of all software problems inherent in your phones and tablets. Network & connection troubleshooting, Bluetooth troubleshooting, upgrading to a new system, network configuration, and factory unlocks amidst others are the software services that we efficient in fixing. Give us a ring today and if you have any questions, please, ask away!

  • Can you repair my cell phones camera?

    Here’s a critical question we get all the time. We don’t just tell you “Yes, we can,” we dig into the issue and can even upgrade your cell phones camera. Cameras are a significant and important feature of the iPhone, Android, and other cell phone devices. Everyone loves their phone cameras; it can be used to capture any beautiful moment and event. I mean, have you ever taken a selfie? (By the way, we have selfie sticks – because I know some of you were wondering). Many phone companies find it pretty hard to repair cell phones with camera problems. And if they figure out a way to repair them, be ready to be phone-less for a while. At My Wireless Ga, changing of cameras and camera repairs is never a problem. Our ultra-skilled cell phone repair technicians will look into it, fix or replace it, then deliver you a clean phone with a new, perfectly working camera that you can now rely on for years to come.