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About My Wireless Cell Phone Repair Augusta – Our Pride & Joy As The #1 Cell Phone & Tablet Repair Company, Serving The CSRA Community.

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The CSRA’s #1 Cell Phone & Tablet Repair Company.

Welcome to the number one stop shop for all your cell phone needs. We’re proud to be locally owned and operated, providing Augusta with reliable, trustworthy, and affordable services. Be it repair, purchase of a new phone, phone accessories, etc. My Wireless GA is the place you want to be. We welcome all customers with a smile while offering only the best service for cell phone repair. Extending the lifespan of the phone or tablet is what we do best. We also provide options for you to purchase new, used & refurbished cell phones, tablets, and phone accessories. Stroll on into one of our two convenient locations in Augusta, let our courteous staff attend to you and your phone problems.

When it comes to cell phones, iPods & tablets, there’s one thing we can’t argue – we’re the best in and around Augusta GA. We’re passionate about what we do; this isn’t just a job for us. It’s our passion. We’re always studying and learning new ways to fix every device. We repair all electronics – Cell phones, tablets, and smart gear. If you dropped your phone while hunting down zebras in the jungle, it happens. If you were trying to take pictures with cute baby penguins or save people from drowning, and as a result your phone broke, don’t worry. We know precisely how it feels when your phone breaks in these situations. (Ok not really, although people have broken their phones in all the above situations).

Offering A Multitude of Repair Services, New & Used Phones & Accessories

While cell phone issues can be irritating, getting your cell phones, tablets and other devices repaired is as simple as giving us a call today.

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Free Warranty on Repairs

Whenever we repair any device of yours, such as an iPhone or an iPad, or any other electronics, it comes with a free temporary warranty. So if anything goes wrong with the way we fixed it, we’ll fix it again for free.

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Superior Customer Service

You, the customer are our number one priority. We love providing repair services which turn people’s frowns upside down. Because, without happy customers, we aren’t a real service. Nothing gives us more joy than providing you satisfaction and keeping more money in our customer’s pockets.

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Our client’s positive reviews are a testimony of the excellent services we offer. We prove that we stand by our work by not just saying it, but also by giving you the best warranty on services in Augusta. With My Wireless GA, you can relax, hence knowing you made the right choice. Consider your phone issues a thing of the past. We take your dealings and complaints, both positive & negative seriously. We love to hear praise from our new customers as well as our loyal customers, but we also welcome criticism. If we can better our services, let us know, and we’ll strive to do just that.

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you’re not open to constructive criticism, then you’re not open to truly growing as a person.”

At My Wireless Cell Phone Repair Augusta, we understand how much you cherish your mobile phone, electronics, and their accessories. Therefore; we provide only the highest quality work and make our repair services affordable, and convenient with two separate locations.

  • Augusta GA

    If you’re searching for reliable cell phone repair in Augusta GA, My Wireless GA is your place to be – with the most competitive prices around. Augusta is our home, founded in 1735 Augusta now one of the three largest cities in the state of Georgia. The city received its name after Princess Augusta, the wife of Prince Frederick of Wales. Augusta, part of Richmond County, is now the proud home of the largest golf tournament in the world – The Masters. So come on by and visit our Augusta locations and see how we can help better your electronic devices today!

  • Martinez GA

    Near Martinez GA? You’re right around the corner from our Davis Rd. Location off of Washington Rd! So if you’re searching for cell phone repair Martinez GA, you’ve come to the right place. Martinez is a quickly expanding city in eastern Columbia County. The most famous controversies about Martinez is the way that it’s pronounced. Locals swear it is pronounced Martin-EZ. The city received its name from a Latino by a Cuban native José Martínez y Saldivar – so the choice of pronunciation up to you.

  • Evans GA

    Need cell phone repair Evans GA? We’re just a minute away! Our closest location to you is 144 Davis Rd. Evans GA is the de facto county seat of Columbia County as it is home to the county’s government center, government compound addition, and courthouse annex. Did you know eight public elementary schools, six public middle schools, and four public high schools serve Evans Georgia?

  • Grovetown GA

    For cell phone repair Grovetown GA, both of our locations are about the same distance for you, now isn’t that convenient? Most noteworthy fact about Grovetown: Since the foundation of Camp Gordon in 1942 Grovetown has been slowly expanding, and once Camp Gordon became known as Fort Gordon, from 1990 to 2016 the population has grown by well over 10,000 people!

  • Hephzibah GA

    If you’re looking for cell phone repair Hephzibah GA, we tackle all types of phone repairs. Our location on Deans Bridge Rd is right next door to you! Hephzibah, while located in southern Richmond County was originally named Brothersville. Finally, there is a book written about the city called A Lost Arcadia – The Story of My Old Community.

  • Fort Gordon GA

    Are you in Fort Gordon, GA and looking for cell phone repair, accessories, or any other smartphone services? Contact us today – we appreciate our military service members and strive to provide you with the absolute best services. In addition, We offer a 10% military discount!

  • Thomson GA

    We provide the best cell phone repair around, therefore; if you’re in Thomson GA, you have our Augusta location here at your service. So come on in, and we’ll help you kick any cell phone problem to the curb. (Not literally, though, please don’t break your phone).

  • North Augusta SC

    If you’re on the search for phone repair in North Augusta SC you’ve found your destination. With 2 locations close to you in Augusta, we provide the best smartphone services in all of the CSRA.

  • Aiken SC

    We have many loyal customers from Aiken, SC. So if you’re looking for the best phone repair in the CSRA, we’re eager for your business and right around the corner! In addition, One of Aikens cool achievements is the All-America City Award which they won in 1997!

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