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Don’t Fret. It happens to the best of us. And whether you blame it on the stress or your left-handedness, there are many things to do and get over it. Below, we are listing the best ways to deal with a cracked screen.

1. Get A Temporary Cell Phone

The first thing you need if your cell phone is broken down is not to start looking for the best screen repair service in Augusta, GA – but a temporary phone you can use until you figure things out. Now, there are a lot of people who think that after cracking their phone’s screen they must get a brand new and fleshy cell phone.

Well folks, that’s how you put a lot of money in the drain. Instead of it, getting a temporary phone until you find a phone repair service in Augusta that will take care of your broken screen in a few days is the best way to deal with it.

Tip: Ask your Facebook friends to see if they have a spare cell phone you could use.

2. Check out your cell phone repair options

It’s the holiday season, you have a lot of responsibilities, tasks and probably – expenses. So, you have two choices:

1. Give all your hard-earned money to some screen replacement service in Augusta, GA

2. Get over your cracked screen until you save up to replace it

Is there a third option? Wait….

We’re your local cell phone repair shop in Augusta GA, ready to give you an answer.

3: Call our smart phone repair experts, and get your nicks and cracks repaired at the most affordable prices in town along with a free warranty on repairs! (706) 303-8693

3. Hire Someone To Do The Repair….FAST!

Going to the nearby Apple or Samsung store to repair your broken screen is not the best answer to your problems. In fact, it is one that comes with a hefty price and may come with weeks and weeks of waiting.

In order to not hurt your budget and get the best bang for the buck – what you can do is find the best local phone repair shop in Augusta, GA – and hire someone to change your screen fast.

Tip: At My Wireless Cell Phone Repair Augusta, we’re your best shot for this, and will make sure your phone is with you in the quickest time possible – without hurting your wallet!

4. Trade It In Or Sell Your Broken Phone

If you want a brand new replacement, make sure you get the best price from your ‘erm…broken’ phone. Even though it may have a completely destroyed screen doesn’t mean you cannot sell it. There are services online that will buy your phone!

Tip: Sending in a broken phone is not always what you need – as it’s not something that certainly won’t make you much of a profit. The best idea is to use that cash towards a replacement phone so you can get it at a lower price, or get the phone repaired and sell it as working perfectly if you want a new phone, right?

5. Visit Your Go-To Mobile Repair Shop And Don’t Worry About Anything Anymore

Having a go-to iPhone repair store in Augusta, GA or a Samsung screen repair shop is sometimes the best way to solve the cracked screen case. Wondering why?

Well, such services are always here for you and save you the hassle and hefty fees that the manufacturers charge for things as simple as a few cracks or a small screen damage. Of course, there can be cases when your smartphone is completely destroyed, but once again, handing it to your local cell phone repair store in Augusta, GA is a great way to deal with the issue.

Tip: You need expert techs that are speedy quick and work with the lowest fees for screen replacement in Augusta, Ga – right? Look no further than our warrantied cell phone repair service!

So, what are you waiting for?

Quit the crying and hand your phone to our expert techs at My Wireless Cell Phone Repair Augusta – and you’ll have it with you in the quickest time possible.

(Plus, we will teach you a few tricks to make sure a cracked screen never happens again!)

The Difference Between A Cracked And A Broken LCD Screen

Admit it – there is nothing more scary than seeing a cracked smartphone or tablet screen, right as you pick up your device from the ground. With all the hopes lost and all the stress inside your head at that moment, you can’t help but think what is the next step.

But before you do that and choose the best screen replacement service in Augusta, GA – you should figure out if your tablet or phone has a cracked or broken LCD screen. Wait, is there any difference?

A Cracked Screen Does Not Mean A Broken Screen

The first thing you need to learn is the difference between glass and LCD screens. In a nutshell, some of the most common repairs are cracked and broken screens – but there is a big difference between both of them.

Every smartphone or tablet is made up of two thin layers – a glass screen and a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen. While the glass screen is made for protecting, viewing and operating your LCD screen, the LCD is one responsible for the brightness of your display and the touch response. However, there are times when a slip-off from your hands can damage both the glass and LCD screen.

What To Look For?

To see if you have cracked both screens or broken just the glass one, or see if you cracked, shattered or only scratched the LCD screen, you have to inspect for the following:

any out-of-place lines, scratches or patterns appearing on the screen

black spots or blurred and discolored areas on your screen

a totally black screen

Now, all of these examples are related to a broken LCD screen – apart from your glass screen. Luckily, at Cell Phone Repair Augusta, we pride ourselves on doing expert screen repairs in Augusta, GA on all smartphones and tables. From our premium iPhone screen replacement service to our vast experience replacing tablet screens, we have it all to make your device look – and function great again.

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