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Button repair services for all of your electronics.

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Cell Phone Button Replacement

We have repaired all Apple & Android Models. Come check us out for all button related services! No matter what cell phone you may have – new or old.

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Replacement & Repairs of Tablet Buttons

We’ve repaired iPads, Windows Tablets, HP Tablets, and the list goes on… We will eliminate any tablet button issues! Bring your device on in to get it serviced the right way.

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General Electronics Button Replacement

Have a smart watch, GPS device, or any other kind of cool gadgets? Any kind of electronics you have with button issues, we’re the shop you’re looking for. Stop on by and visit us today!


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Augusta GA cell phone & tablet button repair, including: mute, volume, power, home & more.

Do you need the buttons on your electronic device repaired or replaced? You’ve come to the right place.

The physical buttons on your smartphone tend to wear out eventually. No matter how carefully you use your phone, the physical buttons on your phone might become unresponsive due to several reasons. We’ve run into a multitude of crazy issues, and we’ve been able to fix every single one. We do this every day. Check out our store today and rest assured your cell phone button issues are no more. All of our work is done in an extremely short matter of time so you can keep going about your day because we know how valuable your time is.

Some reasons why the physical buttons on your phone may have stopped working, and our solutions:

If the switch or the connector below is damaged, we’ll find out why and fix it. If there is dust clogging the button, we use professional tools to ensure that dust gets out and stays out. Sometimes there is a software bug that is perhaps causing the buttons turn faulty. We have special tools and programs to reset and fix the software. We’ve found some cases where there’s been an issue in the base circuit; as well as other component failures which cause the buttons to malfunction. If you had accidentally dropped your phone or if some liquid had entered the circuit causing a possible fault in the button’s functionality, don’t wait until the problem gets worse or completely renders your phone useless – Call us today.

Unresponsive home button:

If you have an iPhone, we can reprogram the assistive touch option. This accessibility feature can come in handy when your home button stops working. Also, to ensure the phone is clean we will carefully clean or blow any dust that is clogging the button, and ensure that dust doesn’t get into other parts of your phone, making problems worse.

Buying a new battery for your cell phone on line can be a bit tricky. It’s always cheaper than walking into best buy, or your cell phone provider, but you always have to ensure that it’s the relevant one to your brand. If you have a battery that you would like us to install, bring it on in and we’ll make sure it’s one that appropriately suits your phone, and then install it correctly so that you can get going on with your day. Depending on the phone, you can’t just slap a new battery in. There are reset modules in the programming which are necessary to the new battery operation. Otherwise, it could die quickly just like your old one.

Unresponsive Mute button:

We all use mute occasionally. The worst is if you need to use it, and it just doesn’t work. The first thing you could try is to reset the phone, but if that doesn’t do the trick, bring it on in, and our techs will check it out for free and let you know what the issue is. They can then repair it, or if it needs replacement, that as well.

Unresponsive lock button:

Our techs have a precise visual eye for looking into issues like these. A lock button is critical as you don’t want anyone just looking through your phone.

Unresponsive volume button:

Have you ever tried to adjust the volume on your phone and it just didn’t work? Maybe it was too loud or not loud enough? If it isn’t your earphones, bring it on into our shop, and we’ll take a look at it – at no charge to you.

Software glitches:

Software glitches, as well as other unknown bugs, are annoying. But we have many remedies to fix these issues quickly and efficiently. We always suggest performing a phone reset or a hardware reset first (but remember to backup your data before you do any of this). If that doesn’t work – we’ll be sure to find the issue and dissolve it fast. We mainly see these issues in “jail-broken” cell phones.

Why do you need a professional to perform phone repairs?

Here at My Wireless, we’re able to inspect the buttons and let you know whether there is a problem with the physical button, if it is due to dust, some crazy software issue, or if there is a connector that has gone wrong. Each button is mounted in a different way and understanding how much of the phone requires dismantling before taking the button is very crucial to its correct operation. Sometimes the base connections, internal faults, or the circuit close to the button goes wrong either from the phone damage or just age.

Why should you get the button repaired soon?

An unresponsive home button might affect the convenience of use of the phone and cause even more problems. For example, a mute button going faulty might cause your phone to play ringtones when you least expect….creepy right? We’ll ensure that doesn’t happen.

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