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Apple iPhone 4

Love your iPhone 4, but it’s giving you problems? We’ve been working on these phones for a while – there’s nothing we can’t handle. Bring your phone on in, and we’ll have it working like it was brand new all over again.

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Apple iPhone 5

We’re your local Augusta iPhone experts, and prove it to you by providing a free warranty on all of our work.

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Apple iPhone 5c

Everyone loves being able to get the iPhone in multiple colors. That’s the beauty of the 5c.

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Apple iPhone 5s

The iPhone 5s is a very popular favorite and has now grown up to be the 6s.

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Apple iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 is one of the most impressive little devices we’ve ever come across.

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Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Want the ultimate phone? The iPhone 6 Plus has everything you need and more with large screen making it even easier to use than ever before.

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Apple iPhone 7

Apple’s newest release – the iPhone 7.

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Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Because why wouldn’t you want the newest iPhone with all the best features and biggest screen?

iPhone Repair FAQ

iPhones provide us awesome convenience, entertainment, and efficiency with an innovative IOS, but, of course, they aren’t perfect. You may encounter some bugs are hardware problems. Luckily, most of these issues are easy to work around and fix on your own!

Check out some of the more frequently asked questions for iPhone repair below! Then, let us know what fixes you’ve discovered! We’d love to hear from you!

Q: What can I do if I broke my iPhone screen?

A: While a common issue, one of our technicians can repair or replace a cracked screen in about a day’s timeframe! We recommend using screen protectors or hard cases. Careful you aren’t needlessly clumsy! It’s okay to set your iPhone down instead of cramming it with items in your hands.

Q: What should I do if my iPhone touchscreen isn’t working?

A: First, make sure that your hands are both clean and dry. Then, remove your case or screen protector to clean your screen with a slightly damp lint-free cloth.

If that doesn’t work, you might need to restart your phone.

With the iPhone 6s and newer, you can adjust your screen settings by going to “Settings > General.” Then press “Accessibility > 3D Touch.” You can also adjust your screen sensitivity, bold text, or frame buttons.

If none of these fix your problem, take it to one of our technicians!  

Q: What should I do if I’m having cellular connectivity issues?

A: You should first contact your cell phone service carrier. Make sure that they still have you connected to their service.

You can also test a new SIM card with your device. We can safely install the right model card for your iPhone.

Q: The sound on my iPhone isn’t working.

A: First, check to make sure that your sound is on and your volume is turned up. It’s possible your sound buttons on the side are jammed or not functioning. Luckily, you can also adjust volume by navigating to “Settings > Sounds.” Then, find the “Ringers and Alerts” button that you can slide to turn your volume up.

If that doesn’t work, you may need to look further into your settings app and try the following:

  • Set your “Ring/Silent Switch” to: on.
  • Restart your phone and check your volume once again.
  • Remove anything from your headphone jack and flow out any dust
  • Ensure that “Do Not Disturb” is not turned on.

If you still have no sound on your device, you may need to replace your internal speaker. We have the tools and qualified technicians for the job!

Q: My iPhone Won’t Power On

A: Start by trying a different charger or outlet with your phone to see if it works.

Use the cord and block that came with your phone. If your accessory is third-party, check to ensure that it’s Apple-certified. If your device is charging, you will see a lightning bolt next to your battery icon. If your phone is locked or turned off, you will see a large battery icon.

Once you have a working charger, try to turn on your phone while it’s plugged in. If your device turns on while on the charger but won’t stay on while off of the charger, you have a hardware issue.

If the device doesn’t charge or turn on at all, you likely have a problem with your battery.

If you have any hardware issue related to your battery, schedule an appointment with a technician.

Q: My app on my iPhone isn’t working.

A: First, try uninstalling and reinstalling the application.

If you have apps on your device that you no longer use, you should delete them. These slow down your phone.

Ensure that all of your apps are Apple-approved. Check the App Store to see if your apps need updates. If you have further problems, you should contact the app’s developer or one of our technicians here at My Wireless GA. If you’re looking for a cool, new app well, that’s something you’ll have to check out on the iTunes store. They’re always release new, awesome apps for everyone!


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Are you a proud owner of an iPhone? If yes, make sure you handle your phone with care. This is because these phones can sometimes be very sensitive and highly prone to breakages and damage. For instance, the screen may get cracked at the slightest impact against a hard surface. But, if your screen gets damaged, you need not worry. You can get it replaced quickly by our authorized phone repair techs.

Also, don’t ignore the small cracks on the screen of your phone. As an iPhone continues to function properly even after the screen gets damaged slightly, people ignore it and do not take it in for repair or replacement.

iPhones are very expensive pieces of equipment, but even the best electronic technologies can’t stand up to falls or water damage. If something goes wrong with your device, we are here to provide you with options. We are available to help you get your device back to 100% functionality. Repairing your iPhone will save you lots of money and bringing it into us will guarantee it’s functionality. We even provide a free warranty on all of our repair work! Visit us today; our repair technicians are ready to repair your cell phone no matter what the issue is.

Sometimes, the slightest damage or crack in a cell phone’s screen can prove to be detrimental for the device in the long run. This is because a cracked screen will allow the dust and dirt to get inside and accumulate in the apparatus, thereby causing severe damage to the internal circuitry over time. Nevertheless, our skilled repair specialists will examine and tell if the broken screen requires repair or complete replacement. Therefore, to know whether the display of your iPhone needs to replacement or not, bring your iPhone into our reliable cell phone repair shop in Augusta GA. Usually, screen replacements are needed when the damage is too severe. In case the screen develops web-like cracks or get shattered completely, replacement becomes very necessary. This is because the small glass pieces might get inside the iPhone and cause permanent damage to the device. Moreover, with the broken screen, most of the applications become non-functional.

There are numerous reasons why you should go for screen replacement rather than purchasing a new cell phone. But, the first and foremost reason is the substantial cost involved in buying a new device. Buying a new phone is much costlier than getting its screen replaced at a reputable repair store. Nowadays, most of the cell phone repair stores in larger towns and cities offer iPhone LCD screen repair and replacement services – but none match our competitive prices. Thus, if you have any problem with the display of your iPhone, you can get it fixed. All you need to know is the right place to go for screen replacement – My Wireless GA
We have certified professionals, who have years of experience fixing and replacing iPhone screens.

Also, do not try replacing the screen at home using repair kits or tutorial videos. You may end up damaging your device further, unnecessarily. Sometimes, a small crack only needs minor repair, and your phone might not require screen replacement at all. But, to know this, it is necessary to first take your iPhone to phone repair specialists in your locality.

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