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Water Damage Experts

Whatever device you have, if some liquid found its way in, we can erase all damages done quick and cheap. We will eliminate any tablet button issues! Bring your device on in to get it serviced the right way.

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Broken Phone Screens

We all drop our phones eventually, and if we don’t have a case or even a good one at that, the screen will break. Crack, break, nick, or scratch on your cell phone – we’ve got you covered.


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Have an iPhone that is in desperate need iPhone repair of help? Or maybe an HTC, LG, Samsung or other types of Androids? One of the biggest questions is: “How would I know if it is beyond repairing and I need a whole new phone?” Well, that’s why we’re here. We can inspect your phone thoroughly, answer all your questions, and give you our professional advice. Integrity is the central pillar of our business. When we check your smartphone, we let you know exactly what needs to be done to it before we commence any repairs, or we will let you know if it’s just time to get a new phone. We will always provide our best expertise on the matter, keeping your money in mind. Our safe and efficient repair methods will have your phone looking and feeling brand new all over again.

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Smartphones, Cell phones, Walkie-Talkie phones, super cool speaking gadgets, advanced hand-held talking technology, whatever you want to call them, are one of the largest consumer electronic products in the world. They come in different sizes, sleek and glossy designs, having the largest range of dimensions and models you could ever imagine. An exceptional beauty of these highly patronized gadgets is that they run on a variety of mobile operating systems such as the iPhone operating system (IOS), the android operating system (AOS),Windows operating system to the web operating system, and so on. These various operating systems help bring out the unique quality of the phone and help every user navigate and use the phone to their own, personalized settings. As crazy awesome and useful smartphones are to us today, they do tend to let us down at times. Whenever you run into these unfortunate circumstances, come into one of our two convenient locations in Augusta, and we will get your phone back to its truly useful status, and then add some reliability with our no-extra-cost warranty on repair work.

The “confronting issues” or faults that occasionally arise in cell phones, if not fixed, develop faults that could render them utterly useless as time goes by. These faults could be a cracked or broken screen, button; power issues, camera problems, troubleshooting, water damage problem, charging port issue and many others. Now, don’t be heartbroken once your cell phone or any mobile device has a cracked screen or any of the problems mentioned above, we have remedies for every single cell phone issue you could think of. Personally, I wouldn’t want to use a phone with cracked screen. We suggest not doing what some others do and dump what they think is a useless phone in the trash, then go and buy a brand new cell phone. Unless a semi-truck ran over your phone, this is not the recommended option as it can be very expensive.

Below are various services we provide every day to robust results and happy, loyal customers:

Cracked cell phone screen repair and replacement: The techs here at My Wireless are qualified and experienced in the repair of cracked cell phone screens and other touch screen devices. At a stage or other, unavoidably, phones drop, get hit by other objects and the appalling happens…the screen either shatters or cracks. Now obviously, a cracked or broken screen is not pretty to look at or use. But that doesn’t mean you need to go buy a new phone. Especially if you’re in the vicinity of Augusta, Georgia because guess what? My Wireless GA will repair and replace your cracked phone screen at a more competitive price than anywhere else around – and do the most professional job as well. We perform various tests and thorough examinations, calibrating the touchpad correctly and fixing the screen of the phone with its different sensors intact. Our techs have set numerous amount of cracked screens, to the point where there’s no way of telling the difference between a newly bought phone and the fixed mobile phone.

Phone Charging port repairs: Often at times, and usually standard with the iPhone models arise the problem of charging port. These phones usually have a broken charging port or while charging, the battery percentage does not increase and takes an enormous amount of time before it rises. This is not new to My Wireless Ga as we’ve encountered numerous phones with this problem and they have been able to repair whatever charging problem efficiently, with outstanding results.

Phone power jack & audio jack repairs: As a consequence of a heavy fall of a cell phone, the screen breaks. As well as several other parts such as the power jack, and the phones battery itself. In contrast to the power jack, the battery if affected can distort one of the primary functions of your device: Make and receive phone calls. This is one of the many issues a lot of phone companies are afraid of. At My Wireless Ga, the reverse is the case as our highly skilled hardware technicians have been able to repair and fix these problems as they do this every single day. They can fix whatever power or battery problems arise in any cell phone device.

Phone water damage diagnostic: Sometimes water damage or damage from other liquids is unavoidable. Discover the solution to your problem by bringing in your device and having us perform a damage diagnostic on your cell phone. Liquid damage can be very dangerous as it can affect all the components of the device beyond repair. This is why this My Wireless Cell Phone Repairs Augusta has put in place different measures both technologically and manually to restore your iPhone as well as any other devices with water diagnostic problems. We will efficiently repair all damaged parts that have been affected by water; such as the audio jack, microphone and other essential components that are necessary for proper functioning.

Factory unlock services: Looking for cell phone unlock in Augusta GA? We understand problems with your phone being locked. It’s more than annoying. Massive mobile phone services such as Verizon and Sprint are known to lock their cell phones so that nobody can take that phone over to another service. This is kind of absurd in our opinion. That’s why we’re here as your phone unlocking experts. No matter what phone you’ve got – come over and be freed from that latch. We can unlock it quickly, efficiently, and problem free. We also have unlocked cell phones that you can take to any provider for activation for sale! Including iPhones and Androids.

Front and back camera phone repairs: This is a significant and important feature of the iPhone and other cell device. A lot of people fancy their phone cameras as it can be used to capture any beautiful moment and event. There are lots of phone companies that find it very difficult to repair phones with camera problems. At My Wireless Ga, camera repairs are no problem as our skilled phone technicians will look into it and deliver you a clean, working phone.

Cover Replacement: Phone covers (not cases) tend to break, or not hold in place well after some time. This is more common in older cell phones but the easily removable battery cover is still implemented in some Android devices. We have replacement covers for many phones, come on in and stop worrying about it falling off, or not having a tight lock letting in dust and dirt, slowly tearing the phone apart on the inside.

Audio jack, microphone, or any other audio issues: Try to make a call and the person on the other end can’t hear you? You know what they’re thinking if you’re a business professional…”Am I supposed to take this person seriously? They can’t even make a call through to me?!”. Or if your friend calls? “Why are you butt-dialing me?”. Maybe your parents call and can’t hear you…”Don’t want to talk when I call you? GROUNDED!”. Either way, you don’t want these or any other issues – and we understand that. We will provide you and your cell phone with everything needed to get it working like it’s supposed to. We also repair and replace audio jacks. We all know how annoying that is if you’re trying to listen to your music or audio book…and then you can’t. Not fun.

Phone button repair; including mute, volume, power & home: Are there any buttons not working on your phone? Don’t keep living with a partly working device that you paid good money for, and even pay monthly to use. Bring into our shop, and we’ll perform a quick, simple fix and get you going in no time. If the problem is bigger than normal, don’t worry. We can replace the button with a perfectly good, brand new one. Whatever may be the case – we’ve got your back.

Cell Phone Repair

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