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Is your cell phone or tablet’s camera giving you problems?

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Scratched, Cracked & Shattered Camera Repairs

We’ll fix it all. We provide all camera related services for any cell phone you may have no matter how old or new, and no matter how broken it may seem.

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Cell Phone Camera Replacements

We can replace the camera on any smart phone! Whether it’s an iPhone or Android, bring your cell phone on in for a brand new, clear & reliable camera today!

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Tablet Cameras

We can repair and replace any camera for any tablet you have. Everyone loves the convenient camera on their tablets. FaceTime, Skype, whatever you use for convenience. If it doesn’t work, bring it on in so we can get your tablet working just like it’s supposed to.


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Front & Back Camera Repair For Cell Phones & Tablets

Because we all need a reliable camera in our lives.

We love taking pictures with our cell phones. Phones provide us with such excellent quality photos, that now many people don’t even own a camera as a separate device – unless photography is a job or hobby of theirs that is. But if you rely on your cell phones camera, and now it’s broken or not working well, have us take a look to see if it’s repairable or if it needs a total swap out. While noticeable damage can cause some problems, sometimes your phone camera can just stop working for no reason at all. Annoying right?

When taking photos with your cell phone, there are some particular problems that users are bound to experience. In fact, these situations are occurring so frequently these days to the extent that some users are becoming very frustrated with their cell phones. We’re here to put a stop to that.

There are many reasons why you may be considering a front and back camera repair for your cell phone.

-You dropped your phone on the floor, and now the camera is broken or scratched.

-Whenever you shoot videos, you always discover that the video playback fails.

-When you take a picture, nothing seems to happen.

-The camera refuses to start when you want to take a picture.

Phone problems could ruin your whole day. When you lose an important feature like this on your cell phone, it can turn something like an excellent hike or trip to the zoo upside-down. Well, the good news is that there is a solution to that annoying problem, as it is just a technical fault that we will ensure is corrected.

Troubleshooting Your Cell Phone Camera Problems

We have a variety of techniques to resolve these problems, especially if it just stops working on its accord. Below are just a few examples:

Soft Resets

We will perform a soft reset to fix your cell phone camera. There are little tricks to each device. For example, we ensure not to turn off the phone before removing the battery for some Androids. For other devices, before replacing the battery, we wait for a brief period of about one minute then turn on the cell phone. Finally, try to use the camera again. If no results, we move on to more sophisticated methods.

Memory Card Checks

If the memory card is not inserted correctly or fried, it could be a large reason the phone won’t save any pictures or videos. To be entirely sure about this, we pull out the memory card safely and re-insert it again carefully and correctly, placed in the right position. Once we’re confident that its position’s secured in the right place, we test the camera of your cell phone again. If no results, we proceed with other methods.

Sometimes you just need a software update 

Sometimes, your cell phone camera can just stop working due to the need of a software update. You can fix the problem yourself, by checking to see if there is an available update. Typically, you can download an over-the-air download from your phone to solve this issue. You might also want to uninstall certain apps, especially those recently installed when the cell phone feature stopped working as these could also contribute to its failure.

Premium mobile phone repair in Augusta GA

If your camera still fails to work even after trying all the above suggestions, then replacing the camera may be the correct option. As a phone user, you don’t necessarily have to end up trying to figure out how to fix broken cell phone features. We will make sure all replacements are done correctly and with the proper substitute. Virtually, every mobile phone on the market is made with built in cameras. Unfortunately, accidents do occur. However, it is important to note that not all of these problems can be resolved by the user. A trip to our repair shop is important as camera replacement may be required and can mess with the rest of your phone if not conducted properly. Coming in and visiting our technicians for front and back camera repair for your cell phone is recommended, as the camera of most mobile phones is typically built into the body of the cell phone; thereby requiring the skill and expertise of a professional cell phone repair technician to resolve the problem. Here are some common cell phone camera problems we fix on a regular basis:

When your cell phone’s camera has come in contact with liquids

The camera of your cell phone can easily break if water gets into the phone; thereby making it wet and useless. Sometimes, it could be very difficult to get rid of the moisture content from off the camera lens even after following every step of drying your cell phone carefully. This can make your photos appear very fuzzy. In this case, you will need the expertise of a cell phone repair technician to help proffer a lasting solution.

When your camera has a scratched lens

A broken camera with a scratched lens can make your photos look blurred or blank. Apart from accidents that can happen occasionally, normal wear and tear can scratch the lens of your cell phone camera. However, depending on your camera model, a lens cover or faceplate replacement can remove the blurs and scratches. For front cameras, full-screen replacement is required. Nevertheless, some other models have more complex scratched lens issue. So, let our professionals do the work for you with our no mess, no stress, affordable solutions.

When you have a broken cell phone camera

New operating systems support very advanced cameras. When trying to take photos with them, you will discover that they have their error messages. When the cell camera of your cell phone breaks, you may or may not receive error messages. This situation is something any of our techs can handle.

When you need camera replacement in Augusta GA

Sometimes, the camera of your cell phone may require complete replacement. You may not know the specifications for your camera model as recommended by its manufacturer but a repair technician would know this. So, take it to our repair shop let pamper your phone with our right set of precision tools, giving your phone a fresh, new vibe.

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