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We’re here for you no matter what device you may have which with an interactive touch-screen interface. We have years of experience dealing with these issues, bring your device on in to get it serviced the right way.

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Cracked or Shattered Cell Phone Screens

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Touch Screen/LCD Screen Repairs & Replacements

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Anyone who owns a smartphone would have gone through the pain of dropping their phone and having to replace the touch screen. There are a lot of mobiles in the market now that come with a shatterproof screen. Well, not all phones get that feature, though. And no matter how carefully you guard your phone, it somehow tends to fall. And ironically, it lands on the screen in most cases- and there you are, with a broken screen! When your phone has cracked, it is essential to understand the level of damage done. This would help you decide on how to get the repair or replacement done. A trusted service professional would guide you about which layer is damaged and what the required resolution would be.

Touchscreen vs. the LCD display layer:

The touchscreen or the digitizer is the actual outer layer of glass that you see on your phone. When the damage is just at the outer layer, your display would still be working fine. Only the broken glass would be hindering the normal operation. Digitizer is the layer that receives the actual haptic feedback from the user and relays the responses to the inner display layer. The LCD display layer is that which comes below the touchscreen. This is the layer that processes the actual display from the haptic responses received. When your screen remains intact, and if the LCD display is damaged, then you would see patches, lines or other anomalies on the display.

When can a touch screen be damaged?

When your phone is dropped, if it falls and lands on the screen, the chances are that the outer glass shatters. In most cases when your phone is dropped, if the direct impact is not on your screen, then it might escape with very little or no damage at all. There might be a tiny bit of glass that chips off due to the fall. Mostly a major damage happens only when the mobile directly lands with the screen facing the area of impact. That is when you might need a touch screen replacement. A replacement is required mainly because a broken glass screen isn’t very safe or convenient to work with.

How is the touch screen replacement done? First we take out all the removable parts like the battery, memory card, back cover and others. Then we remove the screws holding the motherboard and the frame. As we remove the frame there might be different ribbon cables and connectors holding the layers together. We remove them carefully, apply a warm blast of air on the cracked outer screen to remove the adhesion between the touchscreen and the LCD layer Start removing the shattered pieces carefully without damaging the LCD below, we then wipe off any excess residues on the LCD display layer and finally we replace the adhesive layer, followed by the new touch screen as we reassemble your phone.

Why you need a professional to fix screens?

We have the right set of tools and techs with a pair of skillful hands to carry out the process. We note many things such as to remember not to apply too much heat, which might damage the LCD display. Also, some phones might come with a combined layer that acts as both the digitizer and the display – and the approach to both are complex. Instead of toiling laboriously and risking the replacement process yourself, give it to the professionals and relax while they get it done for you. And, you will get back your phone as good as new with no effort at all.

Quick tip:

To prevent damage to your touch screen, you could opt to invest in one of our quality tempered glass screen protectors. This layer would be installed on your touch screen and it would take the impact, reducing the risk of your actual touch screen shattering.

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