Cell Phone & Tablet Water Damage Diagnostics & Repairs in Augusta GA

Is your cell phone or tablet not working the same after contact with liquid?

Liquid is not your phones friend. We’ve got your phones back with premier water damage repairs

We can repair and replace any part of your device that is damaged by liquids.

Bring your cell phone on in and have us repair it right back to new.

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Get a free quote today, have your smart phone or tablet repaired tomorrow!

Water Damage Diagnostic Repairs & Replacements in Augusta GA

Because nobody wants a water damaged cell phone or tablet.

What do you do when you accidentally (or purposefully) drop your phone in water or some other type of liquid?

No worries, there are many repair options. Choosing the right one by coming into My Wireless Cell Phone Repair Augusta will make the difference between a happy phone or a frustrating experience.

We take it that if you’re reading this, your phone has seen better days. But don’t worry, we have many proven, safe and effective ways to restore your phone back to pristine condition.

If your phone or tablet has been affected by liquid, and it’s raised your concern, fear not.

Liquid damage is a very common occurrence. That’s why we’re here to provide you with a multitude of fixing options, as well as a new phone if that’s what you’d like!

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