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We'll fix any issue with any iPad model

From the original iPad to the iPad Pro, we’ve got your back. We provide quality, affordable repairs for any iPad issues you may be facing

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We're Kindle Repair Experts

We will eliminate any Kindle issues! Bring your device on in to get it serviced the right way.

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Android Tablets such as Samsung, LG & Microsoft

We love these kinds of tablets. We fix ’em all the time. No matter what the issue is, we’ll have it fixed in no time. Whether its a scratch, audio problem or software issue, we’ve got you covered.


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Is your iPad or Tablet in need of repair? Want to prevent damage? We have solutions.

We provide you with only the best repairs and accessories for your devices.

As tablets are smaller than laptops, their components are more fragile, thus causing more issues than any other electronic device. One great way to not run into any problems is to ensure you are using the right charging cord every time. Just as much as you don’t like dirty drinking water, your devices don’t like electricity transferred through cheaply made, messy wires. Come into one of our two convenient Augusta GA locations. 144 Davis Rd. and Deans Bridge Rd.

How do I know what kind of case to get for my iPad or Tablet?

There are many cases with many different protection abilities – and the right case is here waiting for you. We even carry accessories for upgrading your gadgets! Come check them out or click here to give us a ring and we’d be more than happy to guide you in the right direction.

What if it’s too late and something is already wrong with my iPad or Tablet?

Sometimes, even if you have a case, parts still break. Especially on the interior of the device. We’re here to quick them as fast as possible, and then hand you a free warranty on our repairs to keep your mind at ease, knowing your device is in good hands. The main components that fail most often are:

The Battery

The Display Frame/LCD Screen

The Dock Connector Cable

The Front Panel Assembly

The Ambient Light Sensor

Phone audio problems such as the speaker, microphone jack & microphone assembly, Home Button Switch, Clips, Hardware & Software.

If you are experiencing any of the above issues, we urge you to bring the device in sooner than later as many of these problems have a “domino effect” causing more issues down the road. Even if you aren’t sure what the issue is, our certified techs will inspect it for free, then give you their professional opinion.

Do you have replacement pieces for my iPad or Tablet?

We carry replacement parts and proper tools to fix all the leading brands ranging from Apple to Acer, ASUS, Dell, Microsoft, Motion, BlackBerry, Kindle, Verizon, HP, LG, Lenovo, Motorola and more. Be a good friend to the suitable devices in your life and give us a call today.

What do I do if I have a current warranty on my device?

Warranties are great if the store will provide warranty repair services at their location. Otherwise, you may have to pay shipping fees along with a multitude of other hidden costs if you want your device back. We don’t play those games. We have no hidden fees. We are honest and forward about our prices. When you come to us, you’ll never have to overpay for repairs on electronics again. One of the other significant issues with “warranties” on electronic devices is waiting for weeks to get the device back can be a bit annoying. “Ship your device in warranty” is an outdated, ineffective method to go to as you have us right around the corner that will give you personal services on your device. We will explain to you the deficiencies, provide you with suggestions, offer affordable methods for fixing the issues, and have a freshly repaired device back to you the same day.

Can I fix it myself?

If you’d like to try, go for it. We can’t tell you no. Although we can give you our professional opinion based on years of experience, which is, we don’t recommend it. Not only will it take up lots of your time trying to figure it out either through books, youtube, or whatever option you choose. But it is also a delicate process requiring the proper tools and equipment.

Let’s imagine though you found the perfect youtube video and followed everything step-by-step. Now for some reason, say, the issue still occurs, maybe something else went wrong along the process, wires came undone or broken, you lose a tiny screw, the list goes on. Then you have a multitude of other issues on hand all stemming from one. The reason we recommend bringing your device into one of our two Augusta locations is that we’ve seen this happen to many people. Now, we don’t discriminate against anyone trying to learn a new skill – but we want to save you a headache, as well as the time you’ll spend trying to figure it all out. But if it’s something you don’t mind – just as we said, go for it. We’re here to save you time, money and the stress these broken devices can cause. Our repair techs have a wealth of knowledge and can even explain to you how they go about fixing defects in these iPads and Tablets. For easy, affordable peace-of-mind repair services give us a call today or fill out the simple quote form! We produce guaranteed results with our work, as well as provide you with a free warranty. Talk about a bargain!

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